South Australian Native Fish Association

The club formed in 1992 as a sub-group of the S.A. Aquarium Society. At their first AGM mid 1994 the group voted to establish itself as an independent incorporated body. The club later applied to become an affiliate of the Australian New Guinea Fish Association. (ANGFA) and in late 1996 were accepted. The Club were very pleased to receive from ANGFA National a complete set of “Fishes of SAHUL” for their library & we now enjoy the benefits of being a part of ANGFA and its Regional Groups.

The objects of the Association are

  • The keeping and propagation of native fish of Australia and New Guinea, particularly South Australian species
  • The surveying of habitats to establish a body
    of knowledge relating to native fish
  • The continual study of matters relating to the ecology
  • Conservation of native fish and informing the community and appropriate agencies of knowledge gained.

The Association meets at the Payneham Community Centre. Payneham Rd, Payneham on the first Monday of every Month starting at 8:00pm.

Visitors are always welcome.

The Club organises field trips for its members. We also encourage members to display Native Fish each year in the Royal Adelaide Show. The Club also does displays of Native Fish for educational purposes.

White Card Course Sydney

White Card Course Sydney
White Card Course Sydney is a compulsory requirement for any person intending to work in any construction site in Sydney. This training leads to the award of white card which is a mandatory necessity for every job seeker in the construction industries. Here a person is trained on workplace safety precaution which is referred to as work safely. The people who satisfactorily undergo through this training are awarded with a National Statement of Attachment in work safely in the construction industry. In addition o this, a participant in this training will also be awarded with an interim WorkCover Statement of attainment which gives them the go ahead to start working immediately on construction sites.

Content of White Card Course Sydney
The course outline in White Card Course Sydney include;
o study on Safety legislation and Work Health
o identification and understanding of dangers and risks on construction sites
o risk and accident prevention on construction sites

White Card Course Sydney assessment requirement
For a person to complete this course, he or she must complete the theoretical and the practical assessment. It is also recommended that a person pursuing this course to be very attentive since there will be no pre-course revision because everything is taught on the day.

White Card Course Sydney admission requirement
o an identification photo:- either from an Australian driving license or passport (compulsory)
o a writing pen
o one must arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start time for the facilitators to check your identification and admit you.

Attractive Womens Leather Boots

Attractive Womens Leather Boots

Womens leather boots can make attractive additions to any modern female wardrobe. If you’re currently searching for footwear options that are reliable, comfortable and no-nonsense, womens leather boots from may be exactly what you need. There are many perks attached to wearing these boots. Womens leather boots can be excellent for work purposes. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time on your feet. If you spend a significant portion of your working day walking around, leather boots may be able to provide you with a nice sense of comfort. They’re the polar opposite of high heels and pumps, for example. Both of these types of footwear can often get extremely uncomfortable. Wearing high heels for hours and hours on end can often lead to a lot of frustration. If you’re the kind of woman who wants to do whatever possible to avoid pain and blisters, steering clear of high heels and other more formal footwear choices may be best for you.

Womens leather boots can be excellent for outdoorsy gals. They can be excellent for women who always want to look polished and neat as well. They’re useful in all sorts of style applications. You can wear womens leather boots for a night out on the town with friends. You can wear them while running basic errands in your neighbourhood. You can wear them when you’re simply relaxing at home, too. Uses for these boots are truly diverse.

These boots are also available in many price ranges. Some designer leather boots for women are rather costly. Others, however, are markedly more budget-friendly. People of all budgets can usually easily afford these comfortable, straightforward and traditional footwear choices.

Industrial Lighting Dos and Don’ts

Industrial Lighting Dos and Don’ts

There are a lot of things to consider when looking at lighting for your space. You may think it’s easy when it comes to Industrial LED lighting at Ecoglow, but it can be hard if you don’t know what to look for or how to do it.

Where to put the lighting can be a huge deal. This is because if the right thing isn’t lit, then the lighting doesn’t do it’s job. You need to be able to see what you are doing. Placement of the lighting is going to do that for you and it will also keep things you need lit, lit. If you find you aren’t able to see the things you need to in one space or another, it’s a good idea to add more lighting to help you out with it.

Some lights are higher in price than others. This makes it hard to find the ones that are going to be better for the money. You can research online before deciding what one is going to work the best for you. This may mean getting more lighting than you thought you’d need for the work you are doing. The costs of lighting that is not good is sometimes worse because you will need to replace it and may end up spending more than you wanted to in the long run to get the right thing.

If you are only lighting a small area, you won’t need to spend as much as you may if you are lighting a large area. This is great because you can save some money for better lighting and don’t need a lot of lighting for this small area.

When looking at lighting consider what is going to be the best options for you. You may need to look at the costs when you are getting new lighting for your needs. You may also be able to get the better lighting because you have already thought about the costs of the lighting you need for your space.

Heath Ducker Comes From the Bottom

Heath Ducker Comes From the Bottom

Heath Ducker knows what it means to be poor. He was the second oldest child out of ten, and his mother was a single mom. Most of the children had different fathers, and none of the fathers ever lived with them at their home. His mother was left to try to raise them the best she could in a dilapidated, run-down home with broken windows. When Heath Ducker was twelve years old he was sexually abused. This is not the norm for most success stories, but it is for Heath Ducker.

Sydney’s Youth Insearch program provided Heath Ducker with the help he needed to overcome his surroundings. He would try harder to achieve goals when people would tell him that they were out of reach for him because of his background. To find solitude, he would study and read on the rooftops so that he could get above the noise of his household and study more effectively. He went on to become a leader at Youth Insearch, and eventually he became a lawyer. Heath Ducker is now the CEO of the program that once helped turn him around and set him on the right path.

Heath’s story is motivational and inspirational, and he is excited to give back to the organization that helped him to achieve his success even with such humble beginnings.

Ways A Bookkeeper Melbourne Can Serve Your Business

Ways A Bookkeeper Melbourne Can Serve Your Business

With the right bookkeeper Melbourne, businesses will have a trusted professional to manage their finances When looking to get the best bookkeeper Melbourne, it will be important to find out the ways in which this bookkeeper will help your business. This will often include onsite work, remote work, using accounting software and also recording your financial transactions on mobile applications with cloud. Any one of these ways will enable you to get the services you need from a bookkeeper Melbourne. 

The first way a bookkeeper Melbourne can serve your business is by providing work onsite. This entails the Digit Pro bookkeeping Melbourne coming to your place of business and doing all of the financial recording. When having a bookkeeper onsite you will have the opportunity to work closely with them and make sure that they are doing the tasks necessary to keep your business finances in order. This is usually a good way to work with a bookkeeper when you begin working with them. 

Another way a bookkeeper Melbourne can serve you is to work remotely in which they will do all of your financial recordkeeping at their office. The process in this case is quite simple as you will just have to email or fax over all of your documents and they will record everything from there. They will then send you financial reports such as the profit and loss and balance sheet. 

Bookkeepers in Melbourne can also help you by using accounting software which efficiently records all of the financial transactions and provides automated reports. Bookkeepers can also work with you using mobile applications to help analyze your information and advise you on how to best manage your business finances at all times.